iAIMS Retail Suite

Streamlined Integrated Retail Solutions with an Unmatched Efficiency.

  • Mobile and cloud capabilities to manage remotely from any device, anywhere
  • Fast POS operations integrated seamlessly with inventory and accounts
  • Manage multiple retail locations and warehouses online
  • Manage sales, inventory, and finance on a single centralized platform
  • Automatically adjust stock levels with each sale or return, ensuring accurate stock data
  • Smart reorder notifications for low stock levels
  • Track customer information, and purchase history to boost service and marketing strategies
  • Comprehensive financial management to handle invoicing, expenses, payables, receivables
  • Customizable detailed sales, inventory, and financial reports to meet your needs
  • Leverage analytics for strategic insights and informed business decisions
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IntelliBiz Distribution / Wholesale Suite

Optimizing Distribution and Wholesale Operations with Precision and Scalability.

  • Streamline order processing to reduce errors and accelerate fulfillment.
  • Enhance transparency with real-time updates from order placement to delivery.
  • Automatically adjust inventory levels to prevent shortages and excess.
  • Forecast future demand using historical data to optimize inventory.
  • Seamlessly integrate financial operations for accurate real-time tracking.
  • Control operational costs effectively with comprehensive expense monitoring.
  • Generate detailed financial reports for deep insights into business health.
  • Maximize warehouse efficiency with strategic layout planning tools.
  • Manage multiple warehouses with centralized control and logistics.
  • Leverage a cohesive platform that ensures precision and scalability in operations.
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eSPECULA Premier Hospital & Clinic Suite

Seamlessly integrating Patient Care, Laboratory, HR, Pharmacy, Financial Management, and Electronic Health Records.

  • Comprehensive patient profiles include medical history and treatment plans
  • Real-time patient data access for authorized healthcare providers
  • Streamlined lab operations with automated test ordering and result entry
  • Integrated prescription management with drug interaction alerts
  • Efficient billing, invoicing, and claims processing capabilities
  • Secure, compliant patient record storage and retrieval
  • Seamless patient information sharing across departments and providers
  • Reduces manual tasks, enhancing productivity across departments
  • Supports various diagnostic tests, updating records directly
  • Maintains high data accuracy and compliance, safeguarding patient information
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